Legal: Case Similarity

Reduce time required to research cases drastically and find the similar cases accurately


Reduce time required for case research

Business Goals:

+ Decrease cost of legal research
+ Improve accuracy of finding similar cases


Since the boom of machine learning and more recently artificial intelligence, legal field is changing. Soon, law firms will have to switch to a fixed price model rather than charging by the hour. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the case preparation currently takes hours and hours of manual research. Moreover, the accuracy is lower than an efficient machine trained to do just one thing, find similar cases. 

At Arch, we build custom legal research software that searches through millions of cases to find the best match. Using start of the art AI methods such as machine comprehension, semantic role labeling and named entity recognition, our software is able to discover cases better than a human.


+ Magnitudes reduction in case preparation time.

+ Increased accuracy of finding similar cases.

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