Custom recommendation engine that works across marketing channels

Personalised Emails

Turn your email blasts to personalised newsletter

Dynamic Subject Line

The subject line is dynamically generated to create an emotional connect. Products and category names are personalised to increase open rate.

Dynamic Copy

Newsletter copy is A/B tested to find the most relevant message and drive engagement. 

Personalised Product Recommendations

Past purchase behaviour of the individual and micro target segment is leveraged to increase click through rate and conversion. 

Onsite Recommendation Box

Increase average order value & products purchased

Frequently Bought Together Box

Using transaction history, we find the best product bundles across categories. 

Also Bought Box

We use and ensemble of collaborative filtering, content based filtering and matrix factorisation to generate real time recommendations.  

Multichannel Micro Targeting

Move beyond mass segmentation to find micro group behaviours

Micro Trends Identification

Using transaction history, we find groups based on behaviours (weekend shoppers, discount seekers, product-focused shoppers).

Tailored Promotions

Find the win-win offer that gives customers better experience while improving profitability.