How much will my AI Solution Cost?

In short, it depends.
Hello and welcome, you are probably here trying to figure out how much an artificial intelligence based project will cost your company, without having to talk to any salesman. We understand!

Overall Project Cost

Small projects (2 weeks) typically start around $10,000. However, our sweet spot is medium projects (8 weeks) at $50,000 which includes API deployment. Large projects (8+ weeks, $50,000+) usually involve some form of research on deep learning methods, frontend development work or data annotation.  After project completion, we follow-up with a monthly retainer of 20+ hours (mutually decided) for ongoing training, iteration and maintenance. Project duration is typically between 6 to 12 weeks. 

What kind of project do you have in mind?

Fixed Scope Project

Fixed scope projects have clearly defined goals, with a start and finish date, with an ongoing support and development team.

 We follow agile product development, so it is possible to change priorities mid project.   

These are typically small to medium projects where the expected outcome is known from the beginning. 

Iterative Project

Iterative projects have no clearly defined finish date, flexible objectives, and goals may change at any point in time. These projects are typically billed on 2-week sprint cycles and usually involve three separate teams:

  • AI Development
  • Back End Development
  • Front End Development
 These are typically large projects with much more flexibility and a higher cost. 

Factors that impact pricing

What problem are we solving?

Is this a standard and well documented process, or are we about to embark on something completely novel that has never been done before?

What type of environment is this?

Is this a prototype where breaking things is highly encouraged while pushing the boundaries of technology, or are we integrating into a mission critical system, where failure of any sort cannot be tolerated. 

What is at stake?

What kind of questions will the AI be answering? Low value where an inaccurate response has limited repercussions or high value where the answer could be the difference between a go/no-go decision. 

What data is available and how clean is it?

How easy is it to integrate different data sources to build a robust data pipeline. Does the data require a lot of cleaning? Do you need to gather data using platforms such as Mechanical Turk?

Who is your team?

How large and experienced is your internal IT team in managing complex projects and product life cycle maintenance? Do they have the bandwidth and skill to support AI systems in addition to their existing workload? 

What technology stack will we be using?

Are you using well documented stacks built on top of AWS and Google cloud? How easy is it to integrate a individual systems into the current stack?

Payment Terms

  • Iterative development – Two week sprints are payable in advance with minimum of one month’s prepayment at any given time. 
  • Defined projects – Milestone based with 50% payment in advance for first milestone

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