Predict Customer Lifetime Value, Price Elasticity, Churn, Lead Scores, Demand, Maintenance Needs

Customer Lifetime Value

Identify key inflection points in your customer's journey

Effective Marketing Messages

Reduce quantity of marketing messages but make them much more effective by finding out key points in customer journey.

Increase Upsell & ARPU

Convert more customers to higher margin products while reducing time and money spent in upselling

Dynamic Pricing

Improve margins even on temporary price reductions & markdowns

Price Elasticity Curves

Accurately predict effect of price changes on demand by finding patterns from your transaction history through deep learning.

Promotion Optimization

Algorithmically find the best discounts for your product catalog and reduce time spent by your merchandisers evaluating promotions.

Churn Prevention

Identify characteristics of churners and adjust products

Better Market Fit

From past churn data, find out key product improvement areas and create real time model to identify churners. 

Win-back Promotion

Reach out to potential churners with targeted messages and win them back with tailored offers.