Understand your customers with a custom digitisation & text classification system

Digitise Documents

Convert PDFs & scanned images to actionable data

Invoices, Receipts & KYC Documents

Simply email the documents to a dedicated address and our system will update the central database with digitised data.

Streamline Customer Onboarding

Find missing information before it becomes a problem and reduce time spent by your team closing a sale. 

Supercharge Customer Service

Prioritise customer service requests via natural language processing

Emotion & Intent

We use state of the NLP methods to help you prioritise incoming customer service requests by identifying message intent and customer emotion.

Categorise Requests

Auto tag incoming requests & compare to previous successful customer service cases to help your agents provide better service.

Brand Sentiment Analysis

Identify key trends in your social media conversations

Competition Benchmarking

Find out how you are doing vis-a-vis competition to better position your brand and drive engagement. 

Trend Identification

Find out what customers are talking about from comments (ex. price, product suggestion, feedback, safety) & drive conversation in the right direction.