The Arch Story

At Arch, we believe that artificial intelligence is the tool that will provide multifold returns to companies. Companies, on their part, will outsource almost all of their data science and modelling to experts just as they do with cloud computing today. We aim to be that go to expert. We are passionately obsessive about helping companies make better decisions and provide more value to their customers. And hence, our mission is to help companies launch scalable artificial intelligence models faster.

Our History

While building recommendation engines and predictive analytics models for e-commerce, we faced quite a few challenges such as collecting data from different sources, cleaning it and finally building deep learning models that scale well. Data science is hard, even for data scientists. 

Realising that we are at the cusp of an AI revolution, where companies are either going to make it big or break apart in the next 10 years, we have endeavoured on this journey to provide artificial intelligence powered solutions. And so, we created Arch Analytics in 2018. 


Rushabh Sheth

Has held leadership positions at Rocket Internet’s e-commerce and online classified ventures where he managed country operations and profit & loss. Launched his first startup during his undergrad days at IIT Bombay and started a social venture while studying at IIM Bangalore. 

Bikram Dahal

Has launched recommendation engines and predictive analytics systems for Rocket Internet ventures across Asia. Worked as a data scientist for 3 years before founding Arch Analytics. Successfully completed Udacity’s Artificial Intelligence nanodegree on full scholarship.

Where does the name Arch come from?

Arch is a curved symmetrical structure supporting the weight of a bridge or a wall above it.
As all companies, tech or non-tech, are now trying to integrate artificial intelligence into their products and services, we would like to support them with our expertise. From the beginning, we felt passionately about improving technology within companies via artificial intelligence to help them achieve their goals. 

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