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We empower CXOs to make their products & services intelligent by building scalable AI solutions. Unlike traditional analytics companies, we provide a combination of deep AI expertise, software engineering and fast turnaround times. We are your on-demand data science SWAT team.


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“Freightos worked with Arch Analytics on a challenging deep learning project for multi-class classification by a neural network. Arch Analytics team showed great expertise, resourcefulness, and professionalism and we were delighted with the process and results of the project.”

Zvi Schreiber_final

Zvi Schreiber

CEO, Freightos

“The Arch Analytics  team are a great crew of data scientists. They get projects done quickly and predictably, even under sometimes stressful circumstances. They are great to work with, and their flexibility and commitment to delivering great software gives me the confidence I need to deliver great projects to my clients.”

bradley Arsenault

Bradley Arsenault

Founder & CEO, Electric Brain

“We have worked with Arch Analytics on multiple data science projects and they have been a highly reliable partner. They have helped us implement solutions with state of the art technologies and frameworks reaping excellent ROI. We continue to work with them at different levels. “

Sreejith Partha

Sreejith Partha

Founder & CEO, Practical Logix

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Recommendation Engine

Launch personalised recommendations to find your best customers, tailor offers and target them across channels by combining multiple deep learning algorithms.

Predictive Analytics System

Take smarter decisions by detecting patterns and monitoring KPIs ahead of time. We help your teams collaborate better by unleashing the power of your own data. 

Digitisation & Text Classification

Know more about your customers than they know about themselves. Our solutions help you find true intent, named entities, sentiment and keywords from your data. 

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Our Services and Capabilities

Model Design

What algorithm to choose? We will train and text different algorithms for your dataset to find out which one works the best.

Model Optimization

Already have a model? We will help you improve it further, both in terms of accuracy and speed of execution.

Data Engineering

Data stored in different sources? We help you extract, transform and load data from varied sources to build a robust data pipeline.

API Deployment

Want to deploy model globally? We will host the model and provide API endpoints for you to serve thousands of customers worldwide.

AWS & Google Cloud Integration

Want to integrate AWS SageMaker? We have the capability to integrate Amazon SageMaker, Google Cloud AI and Microsoft Azure.

Workflow Automation (RPA)

Manual processes slowing you down? We will help you automate tasks to capture unstructured data from text, images or excel sheets.

How it works

Problem Discovery

Speak with us to share your requirements and brainstorm solutions. We’ll get back with a quote. Sign a contract with Arch Analytics, make the first payout, sit back and relax as we quickly build the first model!

We'll perform initial data analysis by pulling together different data sources into a data warehouse. We'll try different algorithms to decide the best way to tackle your problem. By the end of it, you would have a working prototype, a presentation of algorithms tried and a development roadmap.
Model Development

At this stage, we'll build the core model by cleaning the data, designing features and optimizing the model. We'll provide weekly updates on the progress and by the end of it provide the final working model.
API Launch

We'll build the data pipeline and automate workflows at this stage. After consultation with your team, we will decide on API endpoints and launch it. We'll help you integrate the API with your technology stack.

Once the model goes live, we will monitor its performance, A/B test and update it with new data. We care deeply about our work and build our products with love! If there’s any bug, we’ll fix it. Most of our clients continue to work with us post-launch, to add or edit features as per the feedback.

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